Ipsy: Hello, Bombshell (October 2012)

Similar to Birchbox, Ipsy (formerly known as MyGlam) is a monthly beauty subscription service. For $10/month, members get deluxe samples and full-sized products along with a tote bag to keep all the items in. Each month’s tote design depends on that month’s theme.

October’s theme was Hello, Bombshell. It was also my first month trying out Ipsy. I’m actually really happy with this month’s bag, including the bag itself! It’s a good size and of fairly good quality. I can definitely see myself using this to hold cosmetics in my purse for daily life, or when I’m traveling.

  • The Balm Cosmetics: “The Body Builder” Mascara
    I usually go for waterproof mascaras, which this one isn’t. It does give my eyelashes nice body, but it clumps a little.
  • Mirenesse: Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain
    I love this color, as well as the fact that this product is full size! The application sponge is not one I’ve seen for lip products, but it works well.
  • Be a Bombshell: Eyeliner
    This eyeliner is pretty much a marker that you use to draw on your eye. I’ve never actually used a liquid eyeliner before (I’m partial to gel or retractable pencil eyeliner most of the time) but this one has a very friendly application method.
  • Coastal Scents: Eye shadow (sample size)
    The colors in this palette are great and definitely something I can work into my everyday makeup routine. However, they are teeny tiny and don’t come with any sort of case to hold the eyeshadows in! I’m afraid I’ll end up losing or breaking these.
  • Couture Colour: Pequi Oil Treatment
    Readers of this blog know that I am far from a bona fide hair guru, but I’ll not turn down oil treatment designed to give my hair gloss and shine. I’m a fan of this!


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    This one looks a lot more impressive than Birchbox! Actual full size products make a lot more sense. The question is – with receiving both boxes, how are you going to use up everything you get? :P

    • says

      I’m more impressed by Ipsy this month too. The products are a larger size and are more “staples” in a beauty arsenal than say, a skin brightening serum. The Birchbox items are pretty easy to use up as they’re all sample sizes. Ipsy’s items, however, are just going to get added to my regular stash! I’m not allowing myself to buy any makeup-related items anymore as Birchbox and Ipsy seem to be doing a good job at filling in any gaps my collection has :P

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    I’m envious that he US seem to have a whole bunch of beauty subscription services… Ipsy sounds like a good deal, $10 seem like a fair price too. And I like the idea with the tote bags!

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      There do seem to be a lot of beauty subscription services, doesn’t it? I’ve also stumbled across subscription services for clothes, handmade items, shoes… seems like it’s a budding market!

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      Anytime! I’m excited to see what November’s theme is. I’ve Googled past Ipsy bags and they all looked like they had good stuff (and by that I mean, stuff I would like and use), so hopefully it will just get better and better with time!

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    I get Glossybox, but I’m thinking about switching to Ipsy because I like the idea of full-sized products instead of samples, and Ipsy’s products also just seem more useful to me. Glossybox has some great stuff, but some of it I just don’t need, whereas Ipsy seems to provide more beauty staples, as you said. Plus, you can’t beat that price!

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      I was looking at Glossybox and while it looks like an awesome program, I feel like the full-size version of the products in a Glossybox are higher-end than I need/can afford right now. After climbing the career ladder for a couple of years I’ll be able to justify buying the full-sized high-end products that Glossybox offers (and if I make the switch, I’d cancel Birchbox and Ipsy, because a girl does not need three boxes of goodies every month). But right now, especially since I’m only just diving into all the different types of beauty/makeup products that are out there, I think it’s a little too fancy for me.


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