Link Love, Vol. 2

I’ve been doing a bit of housecleaning around here, which really means I’ve chosen a new theme and added a page or two of static content. Tonight I’m having dinner with Cindy, who’s in town for Obama’s inauguration!

At The Frisky, Amelia shares why she doesn’t really care to know what men think about makeup because they’re not being truthful anyway.

Juicing is currently all the rage. Joy breaks down the nutritional benefits of commonly used juicing ingredients.

I know what I’m making for G for dessert when he finally gets back to the States (which won’t be till August, gah): butterscotch budino.

I am slowly but surely working legumes into my diet after a lifetime of disliking them. Tessa’s curried red lentil soup looks like just the thing to hit the spot on a cold winter evening.

The Asian Pear has a frank discussion on aging and what services (and the costs!) one needs to consider in old age. Yikes!

Everyone knows there’s a difference between wants and needs, but Jordann’s post about the topic was quite timely for me as I need to improve on discerning between the two.

It’s easy to forget, but happiness is a choice. Tonya writes about how she’s changing her attitude and choosing happiness.

Sarah shares 5 must-do travel splurges, even if you’re broke. Having backpacked in SE Asia on a shoestring budget (and my travel companions coming down with typhoid fever!), I heartily agree with her suggestions.

Guidebooks aren’t necessarily suited to everyone’s travel style. Amanda shares why she’d rather strike out on her own when traveling.

As a cook, Amanda has a laundry list of things she doesn’t do.

There’s a bit of a generational difference in how people view careers, as Daisy points out. I don’t expect my current position to last me my lifetime, but I have an aunt who is still working at her first job and will work there till she retires. I still can’t quite wrap my head around that fact!


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    I like these new posts of yours. I once thought of doing something similar but I could never gather enough links in a timely manner.

    I find the links in your life section the most interesting. I don’t have problems distinguishing between needs and wants, but I’m always buying things I want. I bought a piano, a laptop that lights up, some camera stuff and most recently an interesting combination of things from Anthropologie. I’m pretty shameless about it. For me, and if I’m honest, more than focusing on my needs/wants, I should focus on having a steady income that provides me with the lifestyle I’m comfortable with. On one hand, I feel that maybe I shouldn’t spend quite so needlessly, but on the other I give to charity, I don’t have any debt, and I’ve thousands saved. If I put myself in financial lockdown, I cause myself misery that’s not worth it–I should just buy (most of) the stuff. The main questions I ask myself are am I actually going to use this thing or not? Why do I want it? Do I really like it?

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      I guess that’s a better way of putting it for me, too – I tend to buy things I want before I think it through and ask myself, “Do I actually need this? Would I regret not buying it?” The worst is when it comes to makeup, because if I can get it on sale and such it doesn’t seem like a large amount but it all adds up. I definitely agree with the questions you ask yourself. I should be asking myself those questions more often whenever I am thinking of purchasing something that is purely a want and not a need!

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        I was the same way (and spending $20-$60 for every little thing OMG), but I’ve largely stopped buying makeup because I don’t wear it. I haven’t put on eye shadow in perhaps 6 months. I like the natural look and normally my skin is okay. It hasn’t been recently and I’ve covered up with foundation/concealer but when I was working 12 hours a day, the last thing I wanted to do was devote 10-15 minutes to putting on makeup.

        So I thought that maybe the wife mentioned by the husband really doesn’t wear makeup and that he likes that look better. The main thing for me is hair. I think most people, forget men, have no idea how much work goes into ethnic/half-ethnic or super curly hair.

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          I only started really getting into makeup in the last year, whereas before I only relied on the same eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow quad for everything. Now I’m set, though – I have a good mix of things that I will always use that I can rotate in and out of my “routine” depending on what I’m putting on makeup for and/or the season. I won’t let myself buy anymore for a while, because I have the “collection” that I want and I need to use up some of it before purchasing more! (Also, uh, MONEY.)

          I absolutely agree re: people forget how much work goes into ethnic hair. I know I do! I put about zero effort into my hair, but that’s because I never really know what to do with it. I brush it… and that’s about it. I have some hair stuff that I use occasionally, but I don’t really think it makes a difference for my hair and I always forget to use it anyway.

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    Oooh! This is a really cool way to link blogs. I lovelovelove juicing and fresh juice, on the topic of your food link. We recently got a juicer and it’s great (if messy). (Also her blog is super pretty.)

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    Oh, I feel that first link. I’ve definitely found that guys have no idea of the difference between “no makeup” and “natural makeup”. I remember my friend had her makeup bag out at school last year, and our mutual male friend jokingly was like, “You don’t need that to be beautiful! Clementine isn’t wearing any makeup and she looks good!” I was wearing three coats of mascara, a neutral but shimmery eyeshadow, concealer under my eyes and on my zits, and tinted lip balm. So… you know.

    Nice collection of links again! I always enjoy discovering what other people read, and in return finding new blogs myself.

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      One of Too Faced’s palettes for Spring 2013 is called “The No Makeup Makeup Palette.” In it there’s a bronzing veil, two blushes (cream and powder) and concealer. I think the palette name and contents say it all, really!

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    I love that you have different categories for your link posts. It makes it easier to skim and find what one would be interested in reading :)

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    This is a really cute idea, and all of the posts you’ve linked to are kind of interesting as well; they’re not exactly something I would have found on my own. :p I also love the randomosity of them. :p


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