Link Love, Vol. 7

The year I spent abroad in Beijing was a transformative one for me in many ways. It was tumultuous in the best and worst ways possible for so many reasons, most of which were largely personal ones that had no influence or impact on my location. After my studies in Beijing had concluded, I embarked on a six week long backpacking trip of Southeast Asia, hitting up Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. I wanted to explore, to adventure, to see, and to also search for some mental clarity.

Phuket was the last destination on that itinerary, and I truly think the time I spent there played an integral role to several paths in life I ended up taking upon my return to the U.S. In my guest post Moringa at Pooping Rainbows, I explore this experience and the fact that through it all, I will always look back fondly at the time I spent in Phuket, a city that gave me my poor mixed up heart and confused mind exactly what I needed without me knowing it.

Want to learn how to make your own brush cleaner? The Sunday Girl shares how.

Sephora is a dangerous, dangerous place for a girl’s wallet. This Jezebel article articulates why.

Susan’s fish in crazy water recipe has me craving fish as it sounds so delicious!

I love strawberries, I love chocolate, and I love pie. Maria and Josh’s strawberry dark chocolate hand pies are definitely something I’ll be making in my kitchen.

Mandy talks about Bio Urns, which are biodegradable urns that turn you into a tree when you die. While unorthodox, I think that’s really fascinating.

Clare talks about the impostor syndrome and how even though we might second guess ourselves all the time, we are not frauds.

Kelly shares a cautionary tale of her recent experience as a blogger working with big companies, which unfortunately lead her to getting taken advantage of and ripped off.

Every blog has to start somewhere, and Kathleen shares some of her best tips for blogging beginners.

I love learning meanings of words in other languages. Shannon talks about razbliuto, which is a Russian word for “I love you no more.”

Fabulously Frugirl dissects a breakup in her life and talks about the stages she went through as she came to terms with the breakup and learned to love herself.

I loved this candid interview with comedian Aziz Ansari about his thoughts on love. This paragraph in particular stood out to me:

You know when you meet someone and you feel like you had a decent connection, and then you text them and never hear back? That’s what I’m writing about. Dealing with weird problems that only this generation of people has encountered. Getting a text message and thinking, “Okay, does that mean they are really busy, or are they blowing me off?” Not hearing back from someone you’re interested in, and then seeing them post a photo of a pizza on Instagram. Isn’t that kind of a rude thing to do? Shouldn’t we respect each other a little more than that? Everyone’s been through some version of that shit, and it’s very interesting to me.


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    Yessss, the brush cleaner post is so helpful. I hate spending money on stuff that I deem unnecessary, and fancy brush cleaner is one of those things.

    Love that impostor syndrome post, and it’s something I really need to keep in mind. I feel it sometimes going to what is arguably Canada’s best-known university, even though I’m actually doing better than most people I know here.

    Aziz Ansari is awesome! He’s really funny, but he has a lot of interesting things to say as well. That’s a really great interview.

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    The blogger/company one is interesting. I’ve been doing a lot of collaborations on my food blog lately (free meals, etc.), and I’m always very careful to state the terms up front in a semi-contract.

    I’ll go as far as to say that my deliverables will be 400 words or more with four photos and a link, published no more than two weeks after the event. Their deliverables will be XYZ (generally a three course meal out) for me and a plus one.

    I think if I didn’t state those terms straight up, I’d probably find that I get taken advantage of a lot more often!

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    Great round-up! I love that quote from Aziz – very honest and open. And I thought Mandy’s link about the biodegradable urns was just so cool. That is truly the best option for such morbid circumstances I’ve ever heard of. (At least if ya gotta burn, you’re being ecofriendly.)

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    Hi! I saw you on 20 something bloggers, and then saw this about about you travelling. Now I’m going to go stalk more of your blog so I can hear more about that. I recently got back from Peru and should be headed to China and India soon, so we may have some things in common. Nice to meet you!

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