25 Before 25: Visit a Brewery (Plus A $130USD Cash Giveaway!)

I have 25 goals I want to accomplish before I turn 25. This is the story of how I accomplished one of those goals! Want to see my full 25 Before 25 list?

guinness 1

As I mentioned last week in my Ireland recap, I toured the Guinness Brewery when I was in Dublin! I’d never been to a brewery of any sort so I was most intrigued by what the whole beer-making process was like. Plus, it was the Guinness Brewery! How could I have passed that up?

Even if the Guinness Brewery hadn’t been so easy to locate, all one has to do is follow his or her sense of smell to the brewery. Not surprisingly, the brewery’s surrounding area smells SO strongly of hops! The brewery itself doesn’t smell that much of it (or perhaps my nose got used to it?) but you can definitely tell that there’s copious amounts of beer being brewed in the area.

I thought the Guinness Brewery tour was really well done. It’s self-guided minus a short introduction, which is something I really appreciated as I don’t deal well with heavily guided tours. The brewery really breaks down the whole beer making process, describing what happens in each stage, showing the equipment used, and describing the terminology. For a girl who is only even just getting into drinking beer, let alone figuring out how it’s made, I really appreciated that.

The best part of the tour was when it came to pouring our own pints of Guinness, which was included in the ticket price. I’ve actually never poured a pint of anything before from a tap, so I had no idea what I was doing. It didn’t help that the first tap I picked was a dud and I didn’t know if it was me messing up or if the tap was broken! Here are some great play-by-play shots of me pouring my pint of Guinness. I love this sequence because you can so clearly tell what I’m thinking in each shot!

guinness 2

guinness 3

guinness 4

guinness 5

In other news, the lovely Melyssa of The Nectar Collective is giving away $130 USD in cash! Check out the lovely ladies (myself included!) who teamed up to make this giveaway possible and enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.

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  1. says

    You see. I am not a beer person by any stretch of the imagination but this is something I would totally do. Why? Because Guinness is the king of the beers. I am sort of bummed that you and Jose came to my neck of the world before I knew the two of you but we will rectify that when I arrive in DC later this year.

    • says

      I’m bummed we didn’t get to hang out when I was in London but not to worry, Jose and I are plotting festivities for when you are in town. CAN’T. WAIT. :D

  2. says

    This is awesome! The Twin Cities (where I live) has tons of local breweries, so my boyfriend and I have been trying to take a tour at each. It’s a fun, interesting way to spend an afternoon, plus it’s usually low-cost (or free!) You should see if there are any in/around D.C.!

    While there doesn’t seem to be a ton happening in 2014, I’m so excited for starting school again (which has already happened) but also everything that I will learn through the program. I know it’s going to take me where I want to be!

    • says

      Beer is not really my thing (I’m more of a wine girl) but it’s all about finding the right type of beer that I like! I’d love to check out some local breweries. I’m sure DC has some so I just need to do a bit of investigating!

  3. says

    That’s awesome! The only brewery I’ve ever toured was literally one room. It was cool, but not this cool!

    As for the contest… In 2014 I’m really looking forward to moving in with the boyfriend next weekend. It’s exciting to move, and even more exciting to be sharing it with him :)

  4. says

    I LOVE going on brewery/winery/distillery tours. You’re much more hardcore than I am though, dark beer and I are not the best of taste bud friends. SO cool that you got to go to one overseas. Isn’t it such an incredible process?!

    • says

      I’m not a dark beer fan either but… it was Guinness. Had to be done :D

      I went to a whisky distillery in Edinburgh and it was very cool. I highly recommend!

  5. says

    The Guinness tour is fantastic isn’t it? I haven’t been to Dublin for over 15 years but my best memory was the Ghost Bus Tour and the Guiness Tour. I don’t drink alcohol and I can’t stand Guiness but I respect the brand. I found the tour to be fascinating! And eps the smell – you could smell the brewery miles way – strong smell of hops! Is the bar still in the cellar at the end of the tour? x

    • says

      Nah, the bar is up a few floors – I want to say fourth or fifth, but honestly I’m not sure! There was one section where you could pour your own pint of Guinness, which is where the photos in this post are from. Then at the top of the building there’s Gravity Bar, which offered a magnificent view of Dublin.


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